Census 2020 - Your Response Matters

Sample Questionnaire

The U.S. Census Bureau has provided and informational copy of the 2020 questionnaire.

Everyone Counts! Each person not counted could result in a loss of approximately $1,000 per year in community funding for the next 10 years. Data collected is confidential by law and not shared with any other government or non-government agency.


Census data, collected only every 10 years, determines: 

  • Congressional representation
  • How funds are spent on things like roads, schools, and hospitals
  • Redistricting of your city, county, state, and federal political boundaries
  • Plus dozens of other of community benefits (PDF) covering national, regional, state and local entities. The Census Bureau website offers a number of references, including "The Census at a Glance (PDF)."

Calling All Volunteers!

The City is looking for volunteers to help us get everyone in our community counted, especially those who are traditionally hard to reach during the Census process. Sign up through the City’s Sign Up Genius process.

Volunteers can help between March and May. Responsibilities include staffing a “Questionnaire Assistance Center” that will include multiple iPads with an internet connection to the Census Bureau’s website. A community member using the iPad can complete the Census questionnaire independently, but there is a volunteer near the assistance center to help anyone who may need minor additional assistance.

All volunteers would be trained in March. The locations and exact hours of the City’s Questionnaire Assistance Centers are not yet determined. More info soon! Shifts would be approx. 4-5 hours, sitting down, looking after a few of iPad stations. Locations may be on a City property, and/or various locations throughout the City where we can reach the most people. Shifts may include weekend and/or evening hours.

Volunteers usually complete an application and a waiver. If you have never volunteered for the City before, read about the full process

What to Know

  • New in 2020 is the ability to self respond online as early March 12, 2020
  • Census Day is April 1, and most people can respond online, by phone, or by mail between March 12-April 30
  • Those who are unable to complete the census by April 30 can expect a Census Bureau worker to visit you at your home between May through July