Inspection Requests

To schedule an inspection

For detailed instructions on scheduling an inspection through the eTRAKiT system, download the user brochure (PDF).

To Schedule an Inspection
At the top of the ETRAKit web page you will be required to enter a Username and Password (Case Sensitive) 

  1. Select "Request" under "Inspection" Column
  2. Select "Inspection Type" from the drop down menu
  3. Select a date from "Requested Date"
  4. Select "Add Inspection"
  5. When done, select "Submit"

First time users will need to first set up a User Account. 

Setting up your User Account for Contractors:

  1. To set up your account, Select "Contractor" from the "LOG IN" dropdown list (at the very top of the page), then enter your Username and Password, then select "LOGIN"
  2. Username is your Contractor's License Number
  3. The temporary password for first time users will be: MH123456 *
  4. Select "LOGIN"

* A change of password will be required before an inspection may be scheduled.  Only one password is allowed per State contractor license number.  

Setting up your User Account for Property Owners:

  1. Select "Setup an Account"
  2. Select "Public Registration"
  3. Enter your Profile and Username/Password information under "Create New Public User Account"
  4. Under "Inspections" select "Schedule"
  5. On "My Dashboard" select "Link to Permits"
  6. Enter Permit # then select "Link"

Accidentally linked to the wrong permit?  Select Deletion_icon to "Unlink Permit"

To login to your account after initial set up, choose "Public" from the "Log In" dropdown list, enter your Username and Password, then select "Login"