Cochrane-TBI Addendum (AAE2018-0005)

This Addendum provides project-level CEQA analysis for a Development Agreement and Planned Development Zoning Amendment for the proposed development of two hotels on the 4.4-acre Phase II site of the Madrone Village Shopping Center. The site is designated Commercial in the City of Morgan Hill’s General Plan and is currently zoned Planned Development (PD). Approval of the project would amend the Planned Development (PD) zoning designation to allow hotel uses and modify the development standards and parking requirements accordingly. 

The two hotels, Fairfield Inn & Suites and Home 2 Suites, will be located on lots of 103,553 square feet and 88,624 square feet, respectively. Fairfield Inn & Suites will provide 98 rooms and 100 parking stalls, while Home 2 Suites will provide 105 rooms and 127 parking stalls. Fairfield Inn & Suites will be 58,709 square feet in size and Home 2 Suites will be 56,651 square feet in size. Both hotels will be four stories in height.

Initial Study (PDF)