Tour of California-Resident

2018 Amgen Tour of California, Stage 4

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Stage 4 Time  Trial Details

Time Trial Start:  Downtown Morgan Hill (Monterey and 4th Street) - 1:00 PM PT
Time Trial Finish: Downtown Morgan Hill (Monterey and 3rd Street) - Est. 4:00 PM PT

Distance: 21 mi

Route Information

The time trial will begin at Monterey Road and 4th Street and proceed South to West Dunne Avenue.  The riders will turn right onto West Dunne Avenue and head west. Riders will turn left on DeWitt Avenue and head south to West Edmundson Avenue. Riders will turn right heading west along Edmundson Avenue. Riders will turn right on Oak Glen Avenue heading north towards San Jose.  Riders will turn right on to McKean Road from Oak Glen Avenue, heading north.  Riders will turn right on Bailey Avenue and head east.  Riders will turn right at Santa Teresa Avenue and head South towards Morgan Hill. Riders will turn left on Llagas Road heading east.  Riders will turn right on old Monterey Road heading south. Riders will continue along Monterey Road to 4th street.

Street closures will be from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on May 16th for the safety of the bicycle riders and the attendees.

  • West Dunne Avenue (between Monterey and DeWitt)
  • Dewitt Avenue (between Dunne and Edmundson)
  • West Edmundsun (between Dewitt and Oak Glen)
  • Oak Glen (between West Edmundson and Mckean Road)
  • McKean Road (between Oak Glen and Bailey Avenue)
  • Bailey Avenue (between McKean Road and Santa Teresa)
  • Santa Teresa Avenue (Between Bailey Avenue and Kalena Avenue)
  • Hale Avenue (between Kalena Avenue and  Llagas Road)
  • Llagas Road (between Hale Avenue and Old Monterey)
  • Old Monterey (between Llagas Road and Monterey Road)
  • Monterey Road (Old Monterey and Main Avenue)

Special Street Closure for Monterey Road

  • Monterey Road between Main and Dunne (Closure in downtown will be from 10 am May 15 through May 16 10 pm)

Interactive Map of Road Closures and Access Areas

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