Decks, Patio Covers, Accessory Structures


Permits are required for decks that are more than 7¾" above natural grade.

Patio Covers

Patio covers exceeding 120 sq. ft. or that are attached to the house require a permit.


Permits are required for accessory structures that exceed 120 sq. ft. of floor area.

Submittal Requirements

  • Permit Application (PDF)
  • 3 complete sets of plans (on 11" x 17" paper) including:
    • Plot Plan (PDF) showing project location and setbacks
    • Floor Plans with elevations and foundation/footing details

More Information

Most applications for decks, patio covers, and accessory structures may be issued over the counter; however, some projects may require additional review. For more information, you may call the Building Division at 408-778-6480. Contact the Planning Division for setbacks and height restrictions at 408-778-6480.