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Wastewater Trunk Line Through San Martin

Wastewater from the City of Morgan Hill travels in a wastewater trunk line through San Martin to the Wastewater Treatment Plant located in the City of Gilroy, where it is treated and discharged. This plant is owned and operated by the South County Regional Wastewater Authority (SCRWA), under a Joint Powers Agreement with the Cities of Morgan Hill and City of Gilroy. 

The trunk line travels through the area of San Martin south of California and north of Day Road, west of Monterey Road and east of Santa Teresa.

Maintenance of Wastewater Trunk Line

The maintenance of the wastewater trunk line that travels from Morgan Hill through San Martin to Gilroy is maintained jointly by the City of Morgan Hill and the City of Gilroy.  The City of Morgan Hill has the sole responsibility for the maintenance of the trunk line heading south until Highland Avenue.  South of Highland Avenue the maintenance of line is shared.

For more information about the maintenance of the wastewater trunk line call 408-776-7333.

Significant Rain Storm Events

During significant rain events the wastewater trunk line running through San Martin can become overwhelmed due to infiltration of the wastewater system.  This can cause the trunk line to overspill in the area on Harding Avenue between Cox and Highland.  This can cause sewage to spill on to properties adjacent to this area.

The City of Morgan Hill Wastewater Team closely monitors the entire City wastewater system, including the trunk line running through San Martin,  leading up to and during significant rain storms.  Crews are made ready to respond, if necessary, and bypass pumping equipment is ready to deploy and sometimes staged on site in preparation.  

In the event of a spill the City of Morgan Hill Wastewater Team works diligently to first contain and sewage released and then to clean any area impacted.  Notification is made to the appropriate agencies as required.

If you suspect a wastewater spill please call the City of Morgan Hill Non Emergency Police Dispatch Number at 408-779-2101.
Communication plan in the event of a wastewater spill in San Martin



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Plans for the Future

Plans for a future relief trunk line, which will increase the current capacity for the future are in the City of Morgan Hill's current Capital Improvement Plan
View current Capital Improvement Project

March 7, 2017 Meeting with San Martin Neighbors


March 15, 2017 City of Morgan Hill City Council Meeting, Agenda Item:  Recent Sewage Spill in San Martin

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