East Dunne Water Transmission Line Installation

Project Overview

The East Dunne Water Transmission Main Line Project will construct approximately 4000 feet of 16" water transmission piping along East Dunne Avenue.  The pipeline will start at the existing East Dunne Booster Station, near the corner of Thomas Grade and East Dunne and continue southeasterly along East Dunne Avenue to serve a future 850,000 gallon storage reservoir site located east of Flaming Oaks Court. The transmission piping will connect to each of the side streets along its path to provide system redundancy. Construction activities are expected to start August 8, 2016 and continue through December 2016.  During the construction East Dunne Avenue will be reduced to one lane of traffic during the hours of 8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.

This project is one of many projects to enhance fire fighting capabilities, enhance water system reliability and provide water redundancy in the Holiday Lake, Jackson Oaks and Jackson Meadows neighborhoods, see Plans.

Weekly Project Updates

Week of September 26, 2016:
Project construction is on schedule.  The Contractor is at the three-quarter mark with the installation of the 16” main line piping on E. Dunne Ave.  They had a deep section of piping to install this week that slowed the project, but expect to install most of the 16” water main up to Flaming Oaks by next Friday.  The next major work will entail connecting side-street piping to the new 16” water main.  We are working with the Contractor to minimize any disruption to our residents that the work may cause.  The contractor is required to notify residents affected by the water shut-downs at least three days in advance.

Week of September 19, 2016:
Contractor continues installation of 16 inch main line piping along Dunne Avenue. Contractor expected to be complete with Main Line by September 30 if no unforeseen conditions arise. Water tie-ins will then be scheduled shortly thereafter. Water Tie-ins are expected to be done at night to minimize disruption to the residents.

Week of September 12, 2017:
Contractor continues to install 16 inch water line along Dunne Avenue.  The project is on schedule and the contractor plans to complete the piping through the Dunne/Gallop/Thomas Grade intersection early next week, see photos.

Week of September 5, 2016
Contractor continues to install 16" water main along East Dunne Avenue.

Week of August 29, 2016
Contractor will commence with the 16 inch water main line installation along East Dunne Avenue, starting near Thomas Grade and Gallop and continuing up Dunne Avenue for the next couple of months.

Week of August 22, 2016:
The project is on schedule. The Contractor will continue utility potholing, project layout, and pavement sawcutting activities during the first part of this week. On Thursday, August 23rd, the Contractor plans to start trenching and the installation of new 16” PVC piping on E. Dunne Avenue west of the Gallop Drive intersection.

For your safety and for the safety of the construction crew, please exercise caution when traveling through work zone by taking the following steps:
• Please reduce speed when approaching and traveling through the work zone (construction zone speed limit = 25 mph),
• Please share the road and be aware of cyclists and pedestrians traveling thorough the work zone;
• Please pay close attention to the construction signage, traffic stops and flaggers guiding you through the work zone; and,
• Please add extra travel time for driving to/from school and/or time-sensitive appointments.

We thank you in advance for your patience and consideration. Contact Kevin O’Connell, Project Manager at (650) 576-0407 with any questions or comments.

Week of August 15, 2016 - The project is on schedule. The Contractor will continue utility potholing, project layout, and pavement sawcutting activities along the path of the new 16” PVC piping on E. Dunne Avenue. Potholing is the process of field locating the existing utilities and depth being crossed by the new piping. Pavement sawcutting is needed in order to remove the pavement section to install the new pipeline. The Contractor anticipates trenching for the new water mainline on or around Wednesday, August 24th. 
Week of August 8, 2016 - Construction activities will commence. Activities could include; USA locate, potholing to locate existing utilities and pipeline layout. Traffic control will be in place. Various color markings will be painted on the ground to identify the underground utilities, such as water (blue), sewer (green), electrical (red), gas (yellow), storm drain(orange) and communications (orange).
Project Manager
For questions or further information regarding this project please contact the Project Manager, Kevin O'Connell at 650-576-0407 or by email.