Additional Information

Site Approval
All new commercial / industrial construction requires site approval prior to submitting an application for a building permit. You may contact the Planning Department for assistance with questions regarding site approval.

Hazardous Materials
Each application for commercial / industrial projects routed to the Hazardous Materials section of the Santa Clara County Fire Department must include a Hazardous Materials Disclosure Form and must be signed by the owner / occupant.

A list of regulated materials and the Haz-Mat Disclosure Form (PDF) are available from the Building Division or Santa Clara County Fire.

Health Department Approval
Permits for the following establishments require Santa Clara County Health Department approval:
  • Bakeries
  • Commercial swimming pools
  • Fruit stands
  • Meat markets
  • Pet stores
  • Restaurants
  • Retail food stores
For further information, please contact the Health Department at 408-918-3400.