Residential Development Control System (RDCS) Update

On July 27, 2016 the City Council adopted Resolution No. 16-129, placing the RDCS Update Ordinance, amending Chapter 18.78 of the Morgan Hill Municipal Code and the Morgan Hill 2035 General Plan, on the November 2016 General Election ballot. If adopted, the City’s voter-approved Residential Development Control System (RDCS) would be extended to 2035, establish a population ceiling of 58,200, with a slower rate of growth than currently exists, and improve policies to maintain neighborhood character, encourage more efficient land use, conserve water, and preserve open space.

The proposed RDCS represents a departure from a system that has historically been focused on achieving a certain population, to a system where the focus is shifted to establishing a maximum number of annual allotments that would not be exceeded and can only be reduced. Furthermore, if the number of allotments is reduced in a given year, they cannot be added to a future year. The population limit, which is a ceiling and not a target, is then a function of the maximum number of allotments.

Resolution No. 16-129 (pages 1 to 27) – Includes Attachment 1 RDCS Ordinance w/ amendments to Chapter 18.78.

Resolution No. 16-129 (pages 28 to 120) – Attachment A (existing text of Chapter 18.78)

The RDCS Ordinance reflects the efforts of the RDCS Update Working Group, which met 11 times between May and October 2015 and again in April 2016, and of the Planning Commission, which met 10 times between February and June 2016 (5 workshops, 2 study sessions, 1 check-in meeting, and 2 public hearings).

Competition Manual

Revised Draft Competition Manual - October 6, 2016