Sewer Improvement Bond Projects

-Lift Stations J and K Rehabilitation Project.  Design by Schaaf & Wheeler, design complete. 
-Lift Stations D, E, and W Upgrade Project.  Design by Schaaf & Wheeler, design complete. 
-Lift Stations W and J. City preparing bid package.
-Monterey Road Sewer Vault Coating Project. Design Complete. Project terminated, staff to repackage and rebid project.
-Sewer Main Upgrades Project. Replace/repair; Crest Lane sewer main, Lamar sewer main, Lindo sewer main, Spring/Monterey sewer main and new force main for "F" sewer lift station. Currently selecting a design consultant.
 -Sewer Trunk Line Project, Extend the City's sewer trunk line along Monterey Road, starting at Highland/Harding intersection and ending at Renz Road in Gilroy. See alignment Exhibit.
-Highland Avenue Sewer Upgrade Project, Replace approximately 460 linear feet of existing 21 inch diameter sewer pipe with a 30 inch diameter pipe. The apparent Low bidder is Monterey Peninsula Engineering.  Contract award expected on August 23, 2017.  Project completion expected in December 2017.
Updated August 21, 2017.