Water System Upgrades

Water Bond Improvement Project List:


PROJECT UPDATES (week of 5-22-17):

    Jackson & Boys Ranch Water Supply Wells Rehabilitation Project: Production wells are drilled.  Bids opened on April 20, 2017 at 2:30 pm to connect newly drilled wells to the City's water distribution system. Contract awarded to Conco-West for $1.28M.  Construction to begin in June 2017. Plan sheets 1-5, plan sheets 6-10, plan sheets 11-15, plan sheets 16-20 , plan sheets 21-25, plan sheets 26-30 and plan sheets 31-34
    New Main Avenue Well Project: Design 100% complete. Plans under Planning review. Bidding expected in May/June 2017 with construction starting in June/July 2017. 
    Oak Canyon Booster Station Project: 95% complete, installing new pumps/electronics and new generator. Waiting for PG&E to energize new building. Project Photos , plans.
     East Dunne Avenue Water Reservoir Project: Design 85% complete. Environmental studies almost complete.
     East Dunne Avenue Booster Station Project: Design 70% complete.

Community Meetings:

Jackson Oaks Presentation Slides 8-25-2015
 Jackson Oaks/Holiday Lake Presentation 3-29-16