Master Plan Update for Parks, Recreation, Trails and Bikeways

The Bikeways, Trails, Parks and Recreation Master Plan (Master Plan) will guide the improvement and future development of a robust bikeways, trail parks and recreation system in Morgan Hill. It weaves together three separate plans and will create a current, comprehensive and community-driven tool for staff and decision-makers to prioritize improvements and investments. The Master Plan will also help support goals and programs to improve our city’s health, environment, connectivity and recreation options. 

Current Draft Plan

Draft Plan Documents - Updated 2/10/17
- Complete Draft Plan (Large File, 9M)
- Chapter 1 Introduction
- Chapter 2 Existing Conditions
- Chapter 3 Vision and Goals
- Chapter 4 Policies and Actions
- Chapter 5 Implementation and Action Plan
A - Inventory of Parks, Bikeways Facilities, Trails and Open Spaces
B - Level of Service Calculations
C - Capital and Operating Cost Model
D - Sports Market Business Strategy (Draft, Large File 4M)
E - Bike/Walk Morgan Hill Map (Under Development)
F - Bikeways and Trails Network Map
G - Bikeways and Trails Facility Maps
H - Intercept Survey Results

I - Interactive Map Survey Summary
J - Online Community Survey Analysis
K - Stakeholder Meetings Summaries
November 10, 2016 Stakeholders Meeting Notes
April 21, 2016 Stakeholders Meeting Notes
April 21, 2016 Small Group Activity Summary

February 11, 2016 Stakeholders Meeting Notes
December 2, 2015 Stakeholders Meeting Notes
September 23, 2015 Stakeholders Meeting Notes
L - January 28, 2016 Community Workshop Notes
M - Recreation Program Analysis
N - Revenue Analysis
O - Demographic Analysis
P - Planning Environment Summary
In association with the Master Plan concept plans were developed for improvements at each existing park sites.
- Concept Site Plans (Large File 12M)
These concepts provide for graphic interpretation on how the concepts within the plans could be implemented within the City's existing parks. These are not finalized plans and serve as as starting point for future improvements.  Community outreach will be performed before any major changes occur within existing parks.

There was a great deal of involvement during the outreach for for the planning. Final review and adoption of the plan is scheduled for July 17 at 7pm at the Morgan Hill City Council Chambers.

Upcoming Meeting
City Council Review of Draft Master Plan
Wednesday, February 22, 2016 at 7pm
Morgan Hill City Council Chambers

Plan Revision Due Out - February 11
Final Master Plan and Adoption
- July 2017

Project Documents:
Stakeholders Background Information

Information from Previous Public Meetings:
January 17, 2017 PRC Recommendations
January 17, 2017 PRC Commission Packet
December 20, 2017 PRC Meeting
May 31 PRC Workshop
Presentation - Staff Report - Meeting Notes
June 22 Council Workshop
Presentation - Staff Report - Meeting Notes
December 15, 2015 PRC Presentation (6M)

For more information contact:
Chris Ghione
(408) 782-9154 or

Previous Plan Documents:
Existing Parks, Recreation and Facilities Master Plan
Existing Bikeways and Trails Master Plans

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