Before a sign is manufactured and installed, a business owner must first secure a Sign Permit from the Planning Division and a Building Permit from the Building Division. The processing time and application fee will be based on whether the business is located in a multi-tenant building or single-tenant building.

Multi-Tenant Building Signs
If a business will be located in an existing multi-tenant building, then signs must comply with the Uniform Sign Program established for that building; only a Sign Copy Change (PDF) permit from the Planning Division will be required for new signs. If a uniform sign program has not yet been established for an existing multi-tenant building or if a new multi-tenant building is being constructed, the building owner will be required to submit a Uniform Sign Program application to the Planning Division for review and approval before any new signs are installed.

Single-Tenant Building Signs
If a business is located in a single-tenant building, then signs must comply with the City’s Sign Code. Typically, a business is allowed a sign area of 1.5 square feet for every lineal foot of building frontage and one monument-type freestanding sign per premise. Please refer to the Sign Code for details. Signs proposed for a single-tenant building require a separate Sign Permit (PDF) from the Planning Division and Building Permit from the Building Division.

Promotional Signs
Banners are typically prohibited signs in Morgan Hill, except that banners may be permitted at the opening of a new business or for promotional events with prior approval of a Banner Permit (PDF) from the Planning Division. Banners may only be approved for a total period not exceeding 60 days if the business is new and does not have an existing business identification sign; or not to exceed 10 days within any 90-day period for temporary promotional events. Banners cannot exceed twice the allowable sign area for building attached signs permitted for the business frontage.

Other prohibited signs include (see Sign Code for a complete list):
  • Balloons or other gas-filled figures
  • Posters attached to utility poles, trees, fences, etc.
  • Portable signs such as sandwich boards or A-frame signs except:
    • Temporary real estate open house signs
    • Signs along Monterey Road between Main Ave and Dunne Ave only for businesses fronting Monterey Road
  • Flags (other than those of the United States of America and the State of California)