Safe & Sustainable Streets

The city maintains the city's streets system including the streets themselves as well as all of the related street elements including lights, signals, sidewalks, trees, and storm channels. All of these street elements are used every day, every hour, by everyone to get safely to where they need to go and the condition of these elements needs to be maintained in a sustainable manner. Considering this, the entire street maintenance system was a topic of the city's Safe and Sustainable Street Study of 2013. Additionally, infrastructure funding reports were accepted by the City Council in late 2014 and early 2015.

    Infrastructure Report November 2014
    Public Infrastructure Financing Report April 2015
Asphalt Streets
The asphalt streets themselves are evaluated every 2 years as part of the city's Pavement Management Program in order to strategically plan for maintenance activities like pavement overlays and slurry seals. The most recent report, completed in 2016, made the following findings:
  1. City streets currently have an average pavement condition index (PCI) of 67.
  2. There is currently a backlog of approximately $25 million in deferred maintenance activities.
  3. In 5 years, at the current level of investment in street maintenance activities, the PCI will fall to 60 and the deferred maintenance will grow to $41 million.
With this report completed, city staff are developing options for the community to consider in increasing street maintenance investments.