RDCS Process

RDCS allotments are issued to developers who wish to build residential units in the City of Morgan Hill through a project competition process. The competition is based on an evaluation system which utilizes a series of criteria and standards. For more information about the scoring criteria, refer to the RDCS Competition Manual and the nine specific City objectives.

RDCS Competition Manual

The City Council has adopted the RDCS Competition Manual to provide guidance in the implementation of the RDCS. The Manual includes:

  • Competition Manual Overview
  • Competition Criteria
  • Competition Criteria, Standards and Points
  • RDCS Implementation Policies

The RDCS Competition Manual is provided:
RDCS Competition Manual (PDF)

Typical RDCS Schedule

The RDCS competition is held every 1 to 2 years at the discretion of the City Council. The following is the RDCS schedule:
  • Pre-Competition Orientation - October 22, 2018
  • Mandatory Pre-Application Review - November 12, 2018
  • Application Due Date -  March 8, 2019
  • Review by City Staff - March through May 2019
  • Planning Commission Review - May 28, 2019
  • Planning Commission Award of RDCS Allotments - July 23, 2019

The RDCS 2018 Competition Schedule is provided:
2018 RDCS Calendar (PDF)

2018 RDCS Process and Filing Requirements

The following RDCS Process document provides summary details regarding the following: 
1. Overview of the RDCS
2. Downtown and Agricultural Preservation Projects
3. RDCS Competition Manual
4. Pre-Competition Orientation
5. Pre-Application Review
6. General Plan and Zoning Compliance
7. Number and Term of Building Allotments
8. Application Filing Deadline

2018 RDCS Process Outline (PDF)

Filing Requirements
All RDCS project applications must be filed with the Community Development Department on or before March 8, 2019. All applicants will be required to make an appointment for the day and time an application is to be filed. The City will schedule appointments for submissions prior to March 8, 2019.

 Subsequent Planning Approvals

Subsequent to receiving RDCS building allotments, a project may need to file for typical land entitlements to complete the project including but not limited to:

  • Building Permits
  • Design Review
  • Development Agreements
  • Development Schedule
  • Subdivision 
  • Zoning Amendment