Community Services Department

  1. Cable Television Service

    The City of Morgan Hill franchises its cable services with Charter Communications. The Environmental Services Division oversees the franchise agreement.

  2. Environmental Services

    The Environmental Services Division seeks to enhance the long-term sustainability of Morgan Hill by reducing environmental impacts, increasing community health, and protecting the community’s environmental resources for future generations.

  3. Park Maintenance

    The Park Maintenance Division is responsible for maintenance of city parks, the Civic Center and other city facilities. The division manages the contracts for maintenance of the Fox Hollow / Murphy Springs Landscape Assessment District and weed abatement on city properties and open space.

  4. Recreation & Community Services

    The Recreation and Community Services Division strives to enhance the community's quality of life, public safety, and economy by providing high quality and diverse program opportunities.

  5. Street Maintenance

    The Street Maintenance Division combines in-house and contract services to maintain and repair aspects of our city's roads.

  6. Stormwater Management

    The city is required to implement a Storm Water Management Program to prevent pollution in stormwater and urban runoff from entering the stormdrain system and protect the water quality of creeks and streams.

  7. Water Conservation

    Conserving water is an important aspect of environmental protection and one that can pay off immediately to you in the form of reducing your water bill.