Free Composting Workshops


The Recycling and Waste Reduction Commission of Santa Clara County offers free Compost Basics workshops throughout the Bay Area. Backyard Composting (yard trimmings and food waste) and vermicomposting (composting with worms) are covered at these workshops. Join others in learning how to turn your grass, leaves, and kitchen scraps into a rich soil amendment - all in your own backyard! View the complete schedule of workshops. Each class lasts about 2 hours and there is no charge to attend. Pre-registration is required!

For more information about home composting, please visit the Home Composting Program or call the Home Composting Hotline at 408-918-4640.

Bay-Friendly Gardening

The Bay-Friendly Gardening program was developed to encourage residents to make environmentally friendly gardening choices. It is not a particular style, but an approach that works with nature to reduce waste and protect the watersheds of San Francisco Bay. Santa Clara County and other members of the Bay-Friendly Coalition have joined forces to implement a sustainable approach to the design, construction and maintenance of landscapes and gardens, by coordinating a Bay Area wide Bay-Friendly brand and suite of programs originally developed by in Alameda County.